"Response 2 Resilience is working with local partners in the most vulnerable communities to develop innovative strategies to strengthen capacity to mitigate and adapt to stressful environmental and manmade conditions through disaster risk reduction and resilience building measures."
 -Ambassador William J. Garvelink




Response 2 Resilience

Response 2 Resilience is a non-profit dedicated to the systematic strengthening of leadership within the disaster risk management and humanitarian assistance community through research, training, and advocacy.


Current Projects

Research for Resilience and Preparedness

In recognition of the vast potential and expertise of local disaster professionals and researchers, R2R is partnering with the Global Disaster Preparedness Center, a Red Cross / Red Crescent organization, to support local preparedness research at universities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This research will strengthen the capacity and deepen the knowledge within the global Red Cross / Red Crescent network and the wider disaster risk management community.



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